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In the film we get to know a number of people who live and work in Sweden’s southern most sparsely populated municipality. Ydre has a population of about 3600 – or 3600 “originals”, as the municipal council calls it. Can a sparsely populated municipality like Ydre survive, and what strategies are being discussed among its leaders? Every individual in Ydre is crucial. We hear how the municipal councillor talks about “minus one” or “plus two” in the population statistics. The story weaves together our characters’ lives with the events and processes taking place in the region.

With its beautiful, richly varied flora, deep woods, meadows and hundreds of lakes, Ydre serves as the backcloth anchoring the story in the environment that has left deep marks on its inhabitants for so long. Old stories, customs and traditions lurking in the neighborhood appears in the film with recurring touches of the quirky, the absurd and a dreamlike atmosphere.

Title: Giants and the Morning After

Directors: Malla Grapengiesser, Per Bifrost och Alexander Rynéus
Cinematography: Per Bifrost and Alexander Rynéus
Producer: Malla Grapengiesser
Length:  ca 58/90 min

Development support: The Swedish Film Institute, Film Commissioner Cecilia Ledin
Production support: The Swedish Film Institute, Film Commissioner Klara Grunning, Film i Öst/Film Commissioner Mattias Ahlén
In co-production with: Swedish Television (SVT) and Film i Dalarna
Supported by: YLE/Jenny Westergård and Ydre municipality


EXCITING NEWS! The film has been selected to CPH:DOX and will be competing in the Dox:Award, the main competition.
CPH:DOX writes about the film as Swedens version of Twin Peaks where “Creation myths, fables and everyday realism are mixed with understated comedy in an atmospheric and almost miraculously ubiquitous fresco of a film. Evocative and elegant.”
Looking forward to the premiere March 19!

Presentation av svenska filmvåren 

Svenska Filminstitutet bjuder tillsammans med Film&TV-Producenterna in till en samlad presentation av vårens svenska långfilmspremiärer. Andrea Reuter är tillbaka och  intervjuar regissörer, manusförfattare, skådespelare, producenter m fl.
Filmklipp och trailrar kommer att visas och du får möjlighet att träffa regissörer, skådespelare, manusförfattare och producenter. Filminstitutets vd Anna Serner finns på plats liksom Eva Hamilton, ordförande för Film&TV-Producenterna.

Tider: Måndagen den 15 januari kl 9.00. Dörrarna öppnas kl 8.30 då kaffe serveras.
Presentationen avslutas ca 11.00 och då finns det tid för enskilda intervjuer. Filmernas distributörer och vissa publicister finns också på plats.
Plats: Bio Victor i Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1, Stockholm
Moderator: Andrea Reuter

Filmmagasinet Ekko →
SVD, 16/01/18
DN 16/01/18 →