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At the beginning of time, giants created the mountains and deep forests that surround the small town of Ydre. It’s now one of Sweden’s smallest municipality, and has a population of just a few thousand, which is carefully looked after by the friendly and idealistic mayor. He is ready with gifts and big smiles every time a child is born and he can note that Ydre has a new inhabitant. In the meantime, youths and elderly people are working and living their lives. It’s a cinematic film about responsibility, love for the community and sense of belonging told with an anchored humor about ordinary enlightened moments of everyday on-going life. Creation myths, fables and everyday realism are mixed with understated comedy in an atmospheric and moving film – See more at: http://giantsandthemorningafter.com


A new, overwhelming era is approaching from the sidelines. The boundaries between what is real and unreal are becoming increasingly blurred through technological advances. How will we hold up in an era where humans are being replaced with robots, and the real world is almost perfectly simulated in digital realities? Is there a limit for what can be replaced? Autonomous is an intense, emotional look into a future that is already here – See more at: http://autonomous.fosforproduktion.se


The ore must be mined for the community to survive – and the community must be torn down for the ore to be mined. Everyone in Swedish Malmberget is waiting for the hammer to drop and the community to crumble. We meet people who live around the edges of the mine and observe huge contrasts between the “little guy” and the giant grinding machinery. The state-owned mining company LKAB continues to make huge profits while criticism mounts and the community grows increasingly desperate watching its buildings disappear bit by bit. Is it possible to rebel against the hand that feeds you? What’s it like to live in a community that’s about to go up in a puff of smoke? With a tragicomic undertone, the film portrays the uncertainty and fear coupled with the ever-present warmth and humour of these troubled people – See more at: http://malmberget.fosforproduktion.se

Fältet 300dpi


It’s a beautiful summer day. A stressed-out mother is stuck indoors in a phone queue while her daughters are outdoors letting their imaginations carry them away in play and dance. Animals and greenery are the only audience. Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans. “Please hold.” – See more at: http://disconnected.fosforproduktion.se