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Autonomous will be screened at State Festival Berlin  3 – 5 November 2016 in this years program, The Sentimental Machine in the short film section Saturday 5.11.16 kl.19.00 – 20.30

Torsdag 18/8 Luleå, Ebeneser Kl. 10:00 Insläpp Kl. 10:15 Introduktion, Markus Forsberg från Tornedalsteatern och Susann Jonsson från Filmpool Nord Kl. 10:30 Kiruna – Rymdvägen av Liselotte Wajstedt Kl. 12:00 Malmberget av Alexander Rynéus och Per Eriksson Kl. 13:30 Länge leve gruvan! av Maria Söderberg Kl. 14:30 Föreläsning: ”Gruvan, arbetet, makten” av Johan Sandström (PhD,   Read More …

AUTONOMOUS is in Official Selection at NewFilmmakers Los Angeles,, 16 January 2016

We are happy to announce that AUTONOMOUS is in the Official Selection at Cutting Edge Film Festivals firts edition, an online Festival / Awards Event, November 28 running through Tuesday December 8, 2015

Autonomous will be screened at Doc Lounge – FILMBAR #15 – Doc Lounge Edition, Malmö the 24 of november

Autonomous won price price for best sound at Stockmotion Film Festival. The amazing work by sounddesigner/sound mixer Christian Christensen and composer Karl-Erik Berglund Motivation: That sounds really matters is not to doubt in this film. This sound has as much space as the image and the interactions between them, creating a futuristic and highly suggestive   Read More …

Autonomous has been accepted into the 8th annual Imagine Science Film Festival, New York.  After a long and careful selection process from over 800 submissions. The Festival takes place October 16 – 24, 2015.

AUTONOMOUS  is in GOLDEN SELECTION at STOCKmotion and will be previewed at Klarabiografen/Kulturhuset September 17 at 18.00 h, see more https://www.facebook.com/stockmotion.se

Great news! AUTONOMOUS is in Official Selection at STOCKmotion Film Festival, Stockholm, 2-3 OKTOBER 2015! .

Autonomous goes Hollywood and wins price again! This time for BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT in Hollywood at California International Shorts Festival. Will be screened 12th of September.