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Giants and the morning after is a film about one of Sweden’s smallest rural municipalities and a way of life that is under threat. The pace of rural depopulation and urbanization in Sweden is one of the highest in Europe. In this film, we get to know a few people living in this part of Sweden and see what goes on at the municipal seat of local government, which is mainly focused on exploring solutions that would make their region more attractive, and their hopes of stopping and even reversing the trend of depopulation. The current influx of refugees impacts the inhabitants of Ydre in different ways too, while boosting population statistics. Accented by the mysterious and magical natural surroundings of this area, the various storylines come together. Folklore from olden days swirls throughout the film, evoking shadows of the past.

dok.incubator workshop 2017, 1st Workshop Session: May 1st – 6th, Třešť /CZ/ – ROUGH CUT


We are very happy to announce that EVENTS IN YDRE is one of the eight projects selected to participate in dok.incubator workshop 2017! 1st Workshop Session: May 1st – 6th, Třešť /CZ/ – ROUGH CUT