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The film Bibliocide will tell the story of the Nazis gigantic book theft from north to south, from west to east all over Europe, plundering and destroying valuable libraries and collection in their ambition to erase and destroy Jewish heritage and culture, a mostly unknown part of the Nazis politics for a big audience. The destruction was not to burn the books but to analyze the content and being able to extract what defined Jewish culture. Then Nazis could purify their own literature from all what was not considered Germanic. They did not only want to erase Jewish people and their body’s, they wanted to change the worlds point of view through changed content in literature.

Regi: Per-Anders Ring

Producer: Malla Grapengiesser

Cinematographer: Ita Zbroniec

Editor: Tymoteusz Wiskiski

Consultant: Anders Rydell

Production Company: Fosfor produktion.se

Genre: Documentary Length : 90 min