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The Intimate Touch


Intimate Touch is a 15-minute romantic drama-comedy that takes place at and around River Restaurant, on Eriksberg, in Göteborg. The story revolves around a business dinner between a Syrian refugee and a Swedish journalist. In addition to being a recent arrival, Adnan is a dedicated Islamic fundamentalist, while for her part, Ingrid is a well-known writer and political activist, with strong feminist values. The formal purpose of their meeting is to discuss evidence obtained by Adnan which may bolster Ingrid’s public argument that a culture of toxic masculinity, not jihadism, is to blame for a recent terrorist attack, and others like it. But their deeper motive — and the focus of the drama — is a once-in-a-lifetime romantic attraction, and desire for a future together, that has each of them bargaining with their own moral convictions.

Script and directing: Michael Stöen & Ariel McMillion

Producer: Malla Grapengiesser

Co-Producer: Johan Sellström

Length: Kortfilm. 17 minuter

Genre: Drama Comedi

Shooting Location: Göteborg/Sweden

With support from: FilmCloud, Imago Ballonger, Capio Närsjukhus, Pronto .